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Injection molded packaging


Toppac is producer of injection molding packaging and is fully certified to produce injection molding packaging for foods.

Toppac is focused on producing innovative and custom moldings, the factory operates under the strictest requirements and is extremely flexible. Click on the next to view the Products of Toppac.

Joop Voet Verpakkingen maintains the contacts of Toppac in the Benelux.

Toppac is a new established company and one of the fastest growing packaging companies of Denmark.

 The Gazelle 2009In 2009 Toppac has won The Gazelle for the third time.

Toppac also won The Gazelle in 2006 and 2008.

The Gazelle is the prize for the best performing packaging company in Scandinavia.

Toppac is certified according to the global standard, Here are Toppac's latest Reports of the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration and details of the packaging tax declarations.

The production injection molding of packaging is a specialty and requires a very small tolerance. Read more about how injection molding packaging are made.

Injection molding machines

The packaging can be sealed and decorated with Inmould labeling.


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