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A printed packaging with your own design or logo?

Since the appearance of packaging plays an important role, we offer a number of decoration options which includes offset printing.

The charge of printing will often be competitive to in-mould labeling.

Besides printing of packaging has some disadvantages, but also some advantages.

The printing of packaging sometimes happens internally by the producer, but in many cases in an external printing company.

The disadvantage of printing in an external printing company are the additional transport costs. An advantage is that some of the printing companies have a large warehouse which allows repackaging and delivery on demand.

Because your packaging next to appearance also must be provided with a top-quality communication, sometimes in several languages, is printing of packaging not always the best option.

Another disadvantage of the printing of plastic containers is that not every design is printable, and the position of the printing relative to the front or back of the package is not predetermined.
So if there is really is a front and back of the jar, and you wish to have all the same packaging, then inmold labeling will be the best solution.

Nevertheless, in some cases we provide printed jars, cups and lids.

The printing of square and rectangular boxes and bins is a possibility but it brings very high startup costs involved.

Packages are printed 4-color full color (CMYK) by default and up to 8 colors.

We deliver all printed packages from 10,000 units and are always willing to advise about the possibilities.