symbols on packaging

 This symbol indicates which material the plastic packaging is made. The number(5) can be replaced by the numbers 1 to 7, and often the abbreviation(pp) of the type of material is listed.


 Material Application Properties
1 PET - Polyethylene Terephthalate PET bottles, plastic beer glasses, blisters Very strong, untearable
2 PE-HD - Polyethylene high density Bottles, crates Good chemical barrier
3 PVC - Polyvinylchlorid Films, medicine packaging Not invironmentally friendly, rarely used
4 PE-LD - Polyethylene low density Films, bags Good resistance to tearing
5 PP - Polypropylene Containers, jars, pails, caps Cheap, strong resistance to high tempratures and many chemicals
6 PS - Polystyrene Disposable tableware, foam materials Cheap and easy to edit.
7 Other plastics - -

 This symbol indicates the packaging is suitable for food.Geschikt voor levensmiddelen symbool

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