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Plastic packaging can be made by different production processes. 3 ways to produce packaging are explained here.

Which process the best is for your packaging will depends on the requirements of the packaging. Different production processes allow to highly produce packaging with complex shapes from different materials.



Thermoforming is a process in which a flat thermoplastic sheet is heated , deformed and then cut into a desired shape. The process is widely used in all kinds of industries.

Injection molding

Injection molding
Injection molding is a manufacturing process to manufacture products in a very complex shape. The image above shows how injection molding goes.
The granulated plastic enters the machine at the arrow. The extruder pushes the granulate slowly to to nozzle, while the heating elements heat up the plastic till it is melted. Then the mold is injected and cooled rapidly so the plastic takes the shape of the mold.

Blow molding

blow molding

Blow molding is an process to manufacture hollow packaging like bottles, jars and jerrycans. The melted plastic comes out of the nozzle in the shape of a tube, and the bottom is pinched together. Then the tube is blown to the wall of the mold. The mold cools down and the product is ready.