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Joop Voet Packaging is supplier of plastic packaging.

Our vision is to develop and improve packaging concepts.

We are specialized in "rigid" plastic packaging, like containers, pots, tubs, cups and bowls.

Because we are working with more than 10 manufacturers of plastic packaging, we have a wide vision on the possibilities and a wide variety of packages available.

In many cases, we connect customers with our producers, because we strive to keep the lines as short as possible. This allows you to buy directly from the source for the best price, so please do not hesitate to ask us for a quote.

The advantage of our standard range of packaging is, that you do not have to invest in your own mold. Besides of are the most models already existing and freely available. This allows you to launch your product quick and inexpensive, without unnecessary costs or contracts which you are having to comply. The advantage of an existing packaging with standard size, is that your company is not necessarily depends on one supplier. This means that your company is more sure about flexibility on the area of packaging.

Applying decorative technologies enables to give a standard packaging a completely different appearance. Consumers find it important to know what’s in the packaging, and they don’t see that the yoghurt-bucket in the supermarket exactly the same packaging is, as the bucket with bolts and nuts in the hardware store.
However, if you are looking for your own tailor made, unique or (not) existing packaging, it is possible that we develop this for you. This will increase the recognizability of your product to your customers.

We are only working with certified packaging producers, so all of our packaging meet the requirements for packaging for the food industry.

To decorate your packaging, or to apply communication to communicate with the consumer, we offer different techniques.
Various packaging can be delivered with:

- In-mould labeling
- Offset printing (up to 8 colors)
- Shrink-sleeves
- Stickers


If you're searching for a packaging, you should contact us because we are always willing to advice you about the best packaging and we are always on a mission to improve packaging concepts.

Unfortunately we can’t handle very small orders, we can only deliver by pallet. But in some cases is it possible to combine a pallet for you with different models and lids.