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Light weight packaging with a low carbon footprint

Starting points

An important starting point in the development of this new packaging is a lower footprint in terms of the materials used and logistics.
More specifically, this means a reduction in the weight up to 35% compared to the benchmarks.

Another starting point has been to develop the packaging together with our customers, in such a way that the transition from existing filling lines to our new packaging would run as smoothly as possible.

In addition, our packaging has been tested to withstand the same stresses as the old packaging.

The re-use of the packaging materials has also been an important aspect in the development process, as it was with our existing packaging.
Because this packaging is made of 100% mono-material, it too can be completely recycled after use.


Based on the these starting points, Joop Voet has developed technically innovative 1.000 ml. and 1.100 ml. dairy packaging that can be supplied both with and without a handle.
And the thinner edge means the space for IML decoration on the packaging has been increased.


Joop Voet has more than 25 years’ experience in the packaging sector, with a clear focus on injection mould packaging for the food industry.
In addition to a large range of standard packaging solutions, Joop Voet has considerable expertise in developing tailor-made concepts.

Joop Voet has worked hard in recent years on new series with future-proof, lightweight packaging and the required production capacity in the Netherlands and abroad.
These packaging have been developed in close cooperation with our customer relations and are already in use by a number of our relations.

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